Aberfeldy & Upper Tay Valley

We would like to wish you a warm welcome back to Glorious Highland Perthshire.
Aberfeldy & The Upper Tay Valley is an amazing area to visit and we are delighted to be able to share it again.


Keep up to date with Current Scottish Government Guidelines.

Every person in Scotland must comply with these measures. Latest advice can be found here.

Safety is our first priority for the people who live and work in the local area, COVID‐19 has not gone away. Although restrictions are easing, you will find that some facilities and businesses remain closed.

Please visit us only if you are willing to adhere to Current Scottish Government Guidelines, try to cycle or walk within our local areas whenever possible.

Observe social distancing & cough etiquette both indoors and outdoors. Visitors must refrain from travel or visiting facilities, tourism and hospitality services if you have symptoms of illness or if you are in the shielding group, or others in your household are unwell or symptomatic.

Please wear a mask in our local shops, visitor attractions, bars, restaurants and cafes. As some people can have the virus but experience no symptoms (asymptomatic infection), wearing a face covering in an enclosed environment may help protect other people from catching the virus. Please always remember to carry a suitable bag to place your personal belongings onto and do not leave them lying on tables, counters etc.

Pay attention to and follow all instructions and advice that is provided by businesses and their staff – this is for your safety and that of other customers and staff.

Please ensure that you are considerate to staff that are providing guidance and advice, and abide by their instructions. Please be courteous and understand that staff are working in challenging circumstances.


Please plan your visit in advance. Things to consider:

  • whether and how you will avoid touching surfaces that others have touched and how you will practise good hygiene
  • where physical distancing might be more difficult to follow, and how you will avoid or reduce the risk
  • what additional things you may need to take with you, such as hand sanitiser, a bag for used tissues and a face covering

Please be prepared before you set off, some areas and facilities may be busy. Different businesses will have their own set of practises to keep both visitors and staff safe. If you are planning to visit local accommodation, visitor attractions, shops, restaurants, cafes or bars during your stay, please check their websites as many organisations are implementing special procedures for welcoming visitors during this time (eg: some are operating on‐line, pre‐booked ticketing systems only).

Please do all you can to protect each and every one of us. Bear in mind that some people – for example those with sight loss, autism, learning disabilities, dementia or other communication or mobility needs ‐ may find physical distancing rules more difficult to follow than others. Please be kind by giving way when you are out and about.


Please be considerate to other visitors and the residents of our local communities. Follow latest Scottish Government Guidelines. Remember there will be queues at various shops and venues. Please be patient.

Remember your public access rights include you taking responsibility for your actions; please take extra care around farmland and community land. Keep dogs on leads and leave gates how you found them. If you touch gates, stiles etc. please use hand sanitiser both before and after contact.

We ask that you do not light open fires and if using disposable BBQ’s please do so in a responsible manner. Take all your litter and belongings home with you. Aberfeldy and the Upper Tay Valley acknowledges people enjoy Wild Camping and the majority are responsible and considerate during their stay. ‘Dirty Campers’ are not welcome in Scotland – ‘Dirty Camping’ leaves behind hazardous items and a clean‐up operation for our local residents. ‘Dirty Camping’ is disrespectful and will be reported to the Local Police.

Some of our glorious outdoor spaces will be busy, be prepared to move to another location if necessary. Planning your visit in advance should alleviate some of these issues.